Winning Number for ASSi Plaza Duluth & Sugarloaf, GA   Congratulations to all Sweepstakes Winners!
Prize Winners Winning Number
(Last 4 digits)
Grand Prize 2 17012206212 David Tran Duluth      1. Prize-Pickup  : customer service (Winning ticket must be with you) 
    1612210938 Sunmi Park Suwanee          Personal IDs are not accepted for prize claims processing
1st Prize  2 17011004202 Sung Keun Choi Suwanee      2. Winner must complete and sign on agreement to claim all prizes. 
    17012609103 Lesa Le Duluth      3. Any costs or expenses incurred in claiming or using prizes and which are not specified herein
2nd Prize 2 1701020688 Sung Woo Choi Suwanee          (such as tax, additional fee for ticket change, etc.) will be the responsibility of the winner.
    1612031040 Mei Yu Huang Duluth      4. All prizes cant be redeemed for cash or cash substitutes.
3nd Prize 2 16122103173 Phuong Hyunh Suwanee      5. All prizes must be claimed by 2/28/2017 or the prize will be forfeited
    1701120668 Jingfeng Wang Duluth    
4th Prize 20 1701250566 Tulio R. Ruiz Duluth     HOW TO FIND MY NUMBER FROM WINNING LIST
    17012911126 Oscar Escandon Duluth       1. Press the 'Crtl' + 'F' keys simultaneously. 
    170121082 Nam Tran Duluth       2. A 'search window' appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
    17012506171 Michael Wang Duluth       3. Enter number what you have in the search window.
    17012808122 Yousel Seha Duluth       4. If you have a winning number, you will see a highlighted number  from the winning number list line.
    1701081052 Hoang Pham Duluth    
    1701250711 Dan Tran Duluth  
    17012706152 David Chang Duluth    
    17012807163 Hien Huynh Duluth    
    1701270516 Ai Chen Toh Duluth    
    1701170432 Seong R. Oh Suwanee    
    16122005135 Chang Hoon Song Suwanee    
    16122205142 Taehak Kim Suwanee    
    1612200599 Soon Kim Suwanee    
    16122705101 Oresta Oneefrefiv Suwanee
    17011504156 Myung Soo Ha Suwanee
    17011504102 Jason Jun Suwanee
    1701130312 Young Suk Jung Suwanee
    16122706175 Sang U Park Suwanee
    16122705110 Soon Nam Mun Suwanee
5th Prize 60 17012903234 Amy Phantharangoy Duluth
    1701290914 Tran Dhan Duluth
    1701220743 Hui Duluth
    1701170358 Niki Pak Duluth
    17012706256 Dai Vo Duluth
    1701281016 Jung Ae Jung Duluth
    1701230948 Nghia Q Tran Duluth
    17012603233 Galawezh Showan Duluth
    1612251238 Nhung Pham Duluth
    17012606183 Phawrony Vuy Duluth
    17012703120 Phuy Thuy Duluth
    17012907135 Due Pham Duluth
    1701290830 Jae Moon Lee Duluth
    1701250564 Phat To Duluth
    1701240729 Loan Thu Kim Nguyen Duluth
    1701250490 Trixie Nguyen Duluth
    17012507127 Myint Win Duluth
    1701250859 Peggy Lewagchaw Duluth
    17012507177 Magda G. Pajares Duluth
    17012904187 Algo Mrsic Duluth
    17012911123 Zhentgo Xu Duluth
    17012904239 Young Mi Glark Duluth
    17012806264 Hih Huynh Duluth
    17012906167 Akm Sarwar Duluth
    17012705220 Rinhan Dasuvy Duluth
    17012608215 Soyoung Kim Duluth
    1701270974 Chandara Mao Duluth
    1701250963 Trinh Ho Duluth
    17012806256 Hong Ho Duluth
    17012604231 Wha Chau Duluth
    16122308154 Cho Choi Suwanee
    16121805114 Jay Pi Suwanee
    1701120380 Hyeonjae Lee Suwanee
    1701150646 Thuy Nguyen Suwanee
    1701030549 Ran Joo Suwanee
    1701020689 Eun K. Bang Suwanee
    1701170444 Eung Sun Seo Suwanee
    1701170688 Hyeyoung Moon Suwanee
    170114088 Sejung Yang Suwanee
    1701150644 Min Chu Suwanee
    17011608102 Seung You Suwanee
    1701160988 Elie Kang Suwanee
    17011608108 Ro Kyong Hye Suwanee
    1612290510 Kyung Ok Yoon Suwanee
    17010609165 Grace Oh Suwanee
    17010608179 Sun Pyo Hong Suwanee
    16122504174 Hye Joo Yu Suwanee
    17010508292 Mi Kyung Jo Suwanee
    16121806156 Jose De Jesus Lemos Suwanee
    17011205226 Jun Dae Park Suwanee
    1701130595 Lyle Kim Suwanee
    17010604218 Bo Young Pyon Suwanee
    17011009175 Chung Ye Kim Suwanee
    1612180378 Yong Hea Kim Suwanee
    16121809189 Dong Soon Hong Suwanee
    16121808146 Kea Sook Kim Suwanee
    1701110969 Young Hoon Kim Suwanee
    16122906136 Jisun Hwang Suwanee
    16122106192 Antony Vu Suwanee
    1612240676 Nikolay Tsachev Suwanee